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Septic Tips

You can avoid all of these with proper maintenance of your septic tank and system. Backed up?? Call us first!!

These are three main reasons for maintaining your septic system:

Save Money:
A failing system can be expensive to repair or replace. You can protect yourself against costly surprises through regular preventive maintenance and learning the do's and don'ts.

Protect the health of your family:
A failing septic system can release inadequately treated household wastewater and offensive odors, often right in your backyard. Human wastewater contains disease causing organisms and can pose health risks to your family and your neighbors.

Protect water quality:
We all depend on clean water. A septic system uses the environment to treat wastewater. A failing system releases untreated or partially treated wastewater that can pollute our creeks, lakes, shorelines and ground water.

Your septic system will need periodic maintenance even when you and a healthy microbial population are doing the job properly. Maintaining your septic system can help to save you thousands of dollars in expensive repairs or even system replacement! Not to mention an inconvenient back up!! In general with a family of 2 a 1000 gallon tank should be pumped every 5 years for proper maintenance . . . more people more often.It is very common to neglect your system. . . out of sight out of mind, right? That is why we are here, to help your system run smoothly! You change the oil in your car, don't forget to pump your septic system.